A Garden Ceremony and an Uninvited Guest

The setting was a picture perfect early summer day, in a garden outside of a quaint bed and breakfast in upstate New York. The brides were hoping for a quaint garden ceremony and it looked like their dream was about to come true. Our guitarist was playing instrumental versions of well- known pop songs as guests took their seats, happily chatting among friends. The weather was perfect, and the blooming flowers were an added bonus to the day. It was time! The music changed to “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which our guitarist arranged for the couple, and the bridal party started walking down the aisle. The bride was gorgeous in a lovely summer inspired dress and she beamed as she walked towards her partner. Once the bride was in place, a large black Labrador made its way up the aisle. I remembered thinking “how cute that they incorporated their dog into the ceremony.” Well, once I saw the look on the bride’s face I realized “Oh no! – that’s not their dog!”.  Said dog made its way around the guests looking for a pet or two, and then a frantic looking woman (the neighbor) ran in to pull her pup out of the nuptials. It made for many laughs, and our bride and her partner just laughed along with it. That was definitely a ceremony to remember!

Your Wedding Day

Reception Timeline – “So how is the day going to look?”

Written by Marie G.

I am often asked by our brides to explain what happens during a typical wedding reception.   So, in this blog I am going to map out what your wedding reception could look like.  Keep in mind that this is only a template, and the details of your wedding may vary!  

A typical wedding reception, not including cocktail hour, is four hours long.  Approximately five minutes before the reception is scheduled to start, a representative of the wedding venue will invite your guests to be seated in the main dining room.  While the guests are getting settled at their tables, the band is playing instrumental background music, and the maître d’ at the venue will gather the bride, groom, bridal party and parents to prepare for the introductions.  This is the point at which I become involved: for example, I will go over the order of the introductions with the entire bridal party to make sure I have the correct order and pronunciations.  Any last minute instructions that the bride and groom may have for me are also discussed at this time.  I will then ensure that the band and the maître d’ know exactly what to do once you are introduced.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs.……  Once you are introduced as a married couple (and the crowd goes wild!), you will have your first dance.  Some couples like to dance solo; others prefer the bridal party and guests to join in.   When your dance is complete, I will invite everyone to sit down, and then introduce whomever you have designated to say a blessing (if applicable).  After the blessing I will introduce the person(s) you have designated to give the toast(s) and/or speeches.  For the blessing and toasts we use our wireless microphone, which enables the speaker to stand close to the head table.  As such, the photographer and videographer can get great shots of your reaction to their words.  I will be standing off to the side to avoid dropping a photo-bomb! 

After the toasts your caterer will serve the first course.  The band will play lighter music while people are eating, and then we’ll step it up a bit to get people dancing once they are finished with their first course.  This is the pattern with all appetizer courses until the main entree is served, at which point we will play a couple of light selections and then take our first break for dinner.   While the band is eating there will be music playing through our sound system from our iPod.   Once your guests have finished the main course the band returns and starts playing dance music.  This is the best time to cut your cake, even if it isn’t served right away, and have the bride/father dance as well as the groom/mother dance.  If you decide to have a bouquet and/or garter toss ceremony, this is also a great time to do that.  I will ensure that the photographer, videographer and venue’s maître d’ are ready for these ceremonies. 

There is often a concern that there are too many formalities in a row, but no worries, it goes by very fast!  This is also the best way to ensure all necessary parties are present, and you aren’t wasting precious reception time looking for someone!  Now it is DANCE TIME!  The band will play for approximately another hour, then take a short break.  During this break we will put on some current dance music to keep your guests on the dance floor.  After that second and final break, we continue to play until the very last minute of your reception.  We generally play one last slow song and feature the bride and groom on the dance floor again, then keep you rockin’ until the end.

Happily ever after!  This is a “typical” wedding reception timeline, and I hope it helps to clarify a few things that may be of concern.  Note that we’re very flexible and accommodating, so if you have a different vision than what I described – we can do that too!  Let’s talk!

Corporate Functions

Charisma for your corporate function

Written by Marie G.

If you are looking for outstanding entertainment value for your next corporate function, Charisma is the perfect answer. We are all highly experienced musicians who know how to read a crowd and keep everyone entertained and dancing! If you hire a “bar band” you may not get the professional attitude and performance that you will experience with Charisma. We provide lighting for the dance floor at no extra change, and we can customize our sound system so it is suitable for any size room. If you wish, MC services are available for your silent auction or awards ceremony, or we can just hand over the microphone to you!  We will help you plan the perfect function every step of the way.  Give us a call!!