A Garden Ceremony and an Uninvited Guest

The setting was a picture perfect early summer day, in a garden outside of a quaint bed and breakfast in upstate New York. The brides were hoping for a quaint garden ceremony and it looked like their dream was about to come true. Our guitarist was playing instrumental versions of well- known pop songs as guests took their seats, happily chatting among friends. The weather was perfect, and the blooming flowers were an added bonus to the day. It was time! The music changed to “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which our guitarist arranged for the couple, and the bridal party started walking down the aisle. The bride was gorgeous in a lovely summer inspired dress and she beamed as she walked towards her partner. Once the bride was in place, a large black Labrador made its way up the aisle. I remembered thinking “how cute that they incorporated their dog into the ceremony.” Well, once I saw the look on the bride’s face I realized “Oh no! – that’s not their dog!”.  Said dog made its way around the guests looking for a pet or two, and then a frantic looking woman (the neighbor) ran in to pull her pup out of the nuptials. It made for many laughs, and our bride and her partner just laughed along with it. That was definitely a ceremony to remember!