Charisma delivers the perfect blend of your favorite music, incorporating professional musicianship and stage presence into a dynamic and engaging performance. Your guests will undoubtedly find our music familiar and entertaining. There is nothing more compelling than live music to make your event successful and memorable!

The musicians in Charisma have extensive performing experience. We can easily customize our repertoire to suit your needs, ranging from soft ballads to driving dance music. Members of Charisma have diverse musical abilities and can play multiple instruments at a professional level: our lead singer plays flute and percussion, and our saxophonist plays tenor sax, soprano sax, and keyboards.

Charisma can also offer background musical accompaniment to your cocktail hour or wedding ceremony, such as solo acoustic guitar or jazz piano. Our lead singer and event coordinator, Marie, is a highly experienced professional when it comes to organizing everything on the day of your event to ensure that it flows perfectly. When you book Charisma, you can be sure your event will be in capable hands until the house lights come on and the last guest leaves the dance floor!

Contact us if you have any questions about Charisma.  We'd love to entertain you and your guests at your event!