How does Charisma differ from other live bands in the greater NY and CT area?  Charisma is somewhat unique in that we are six musicians dedicated to creating music together.  We are not in the business of "subbing out" our commitments with Charisma to other local musicians .... the six permanent members of our band have a musical connection that can only be achieved by playing together consistently.  We take pride in providing the best entertainment value possible every time we play, delivered in a professional manner, and with style.

We specialize in providing entertainment at weddings, but we also frequently entertain at corporate events, private parties, anniversary parties, or any event where live music is needed. Our goal is simple: get everyone out on the dance floor, keep them there, and ensure that everyone has an amazing time dancing.  If you and your guests are having fun, then so are we!

Check out our promotional video and our other video clips, and let us know what you think - we're always looking for feedback and suggestions.