Marie G, lead singer and event coordinator for Charisma:

“From experience, I realize that all the decisions you need to make to ensure your wedding is a HUGE success can be overwhelming, and may seem daunting and confusing.  Help is on the way...I am at your service, and my job is to help make it as easy as possible for you to pull off the most amazing wedding ever!  I have over 15 years experience as a lead vocalist and Master of Ceremonies with various wedding bands, and I love working with couples to seamlessly bring your vision of the perfect wedding reception to life.  Although hiring a DJ is of course an option, nothing compares to the energy a live band can bring to your event.  In Charisma, we specialize in keeping everyone out on the dance floor, sometimes even singing along, and it's our goal to make sure your photographer can capture you and your guests enjoying every minute.”

Cocktail hour and wedding ceremony music

In addition to dance music, Charisma also offers background musical accompaniment to your cocktail hour or wedding ceremony.  During your ceremony, our guitarist or pianist can play classical compositions that create a beautiful musical background.  Cocktail hour jazz piano, classical guitar, or a jazz duo or trio can also be arranged.  Check out the Audio page for sound clips of Jon, Marie, and Peter performing.

Experience Matters!

Charisma is comprised of six experienced musicians who know how to keep the dance floor packed - we play songs that span the decades of popular music, and have carefully selected songs that appeal to all age groups. We can easily accommodate special ethnic dances, and additionally we would be happy to MC line dance, upon request.  In addition to dance music for your wedding reception, Charisma can also provide ceremony and cocktail hour music - making us a "one-stop shop" to cover all facets of your event.  We take very short breaks between sets, and when we do there is always music playing through our sound system - and if you have something special you want to hear, we can hook up an iPod or CD.